A guide to maintain your mental health without yoga or meditation

A guide to maintain your mental health without yoga or meditation

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by Ipek Karakaya

Failing at mindfulness, anyone? 

Yet here we are, trying to do what it takes to keep our sanity in pandemic times -or months, so to say.

Everyone has a unique coping mechanism to overcome depression and anxiety. Some might respond well to yoga and meditating while some just can’t see the point. If you belong to the latter, there are practices to help you keep the peace of your mind.

It’s okay to fail at mindfulness, and while you’re at it, better fail fashionably.

1- Beware of Your Guts

You are only as happy as your guts. The bowels are the second brain of your body, so adding gut-loving, prebiotic foods and vitamins to your regimen can help you maintain healthier guts and less emotional rollercoasters. And in the meantime, ditch the deep-fried, processed, and packaged food. They don’t say “You are what you eat.” for nothing. 

2- Practice Consistency 

Contrary to the popular belief, earning a habit takes a lot more than 21 days, but no one said it cannot be a good start. Try doing something for 21 days in a row: anything you want to add to your daily routine. Make your bed in the mornings, avoid curse words, engage in 15-mn stretching routines, you name it. Do one thing for 21 days to see it’s not that hard. Help yourself grow self-esteem.

Set goals that are not over your head. One thing at a time. 

3- Build a Self-Care Routine

Spare yourself some time from your responsibilities. Whether it be a DIY skin-care regimen, a hot tub time, a dinner-and-theater date with yourself, or a combination of your favorite drama and take-out sushi… Treat yourself and wear off the stress. You deserve it, even in the times you don’t think you do. 

4- Pranayama Exercises

Daily tensions can create physical obstacles to your breathing. Your body develops unconscious breathing patterns that restrict the healthy flow of your breathing. Without breathing, there’s no life. Pranayama exercises energize, relax and even heal the body by allowing more oxygen into your body and evoking your endocrine system. Pranayama exercises are very easy to access. The internet is like, full of them.



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