The TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth Trying

The TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth Trying

If you’re on TikTok, you know there is a new viral beauty trend almost every week. TikTok has a hold on beauty lovers; we’re tantalized by what our community is trying and want to see it for ourselves! But because we can’t buy every single product that crosses our For You page, we’ve got to choose wisely! Here are our favorite beauty trends on TikTok that are worth trying. 

Full-Coverage Foundation 

When it comes to complexion products, TikTok users are always putting us on game. Lately, full-coverage foundation has been of everyone’s interest. Everyone wants to achieve that polished, flawless canvas and viral products like KVD Beauty’s Good Apple Foundation and One/Size by Patrick Starrr’s Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation has makeup-Tok in a frenzy for how much coverage they give in one swipe. Full-coverage foundation is a look that looks fabulous on all skin and is definitely worth a try! 

The Two Finger Rule for SPF

Ahh, sunscreen, the one product that is a must in any skincare routine. Gen-Z and Young Millennials have changed the narrative around SPF, really encouraging each other to wear it every single day in order to protect their skin and maintain a youthful glow. SPF is the best preventative measure we can provide our skin since most aging comes from UVA/UVB rays. A great rule of thumb that is popular on TikTok and Twitter is the two finger rule; you line both your fingers with SPF and that is how much you should use on your face and neck every application. 

Liquid Blush 

2021 is the year of liquid blush and all its iterations. Beauty-Tok is absolutely loving the natural and buildable flush that liquid blushes provide and products like Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush have gone viral. Because it’s so easy to use, liquid blush is a great choice for makeup novices and experts alike. 


Lifting Concealer Placement

Gone are the days of the “triangle of light” concealer technique, you know, the one where you placed your concealer in a triangle under the eyes. The latest concealer craze is a lifting technique; blend out a dab of concealer below the inner corner of the eye and across the outer corner for a wide-awake look. We can attest to the wonders of this technique; it definitely delivers on giving you a lifted look! 

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