Easy Tips To Start Living Sustainably

Easy Tips To Start Living Sustainably

by Alessia Marras

Are you wondering about climate change and what you can do about something that feels so important nowadays? Here is a super small guide to help your Mother Earth. And even if you are not wondering about it, just read this anyway; it could be interesting to know how to fresh start green your life.

  1. Walk/Cycle your way around

It may seem like a small contribution, but walking or cycling your way home, work or whatever place you need to be, is the most eco-friendly choice. Walking around 2,5 km can save up to 75% greenhouse gases, the amount that you could produce from driving the same distance!

  1. Save home-water

How often do you turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth or while doing your skin-care routine? Here is something really surprising about this small detail: by turning off that little tap you can save up almost 750 liters of water per month!

  1. Shop local food

What about your eating habits? Do you buy your food from supermarkets or local grocery stores? Here is the thing: whenever you decide to shop local you are somehow investing in your own health, not only in your planet. The food you choose travelled almost zero kilometers to meet you! Food that does not meet global trade chains costs less and does not loose quality during storage time. Moreover, since your food comes from near you, its carbon footprint impact is highly reduced.

  1. Go vintage

Here is what vintage and second-hand shopping is about: stories behind clothes and giving new life to old garments. Such a romantic way of shopping can lower the impact of what you consume and what you waste, since you are reusing clothes that already exist. If you are unsure about going vintage, just know that even Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wore a 1960s Dior coat for the Royal Christening.

  1. Re-use your plastic

How many times do you buy water in plastic bottles? It is quite normal, especially while hanging out during a sunny day and feeling the need for fresh water, but what about that little container after? Do you know that you can use it more than once? By doing so almost 25-35 times, the overall weight of container waste would be reduced by 73.6% and you will save the planet!

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