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written by Ipek Karakaya

We need to talk about your vitamins. 

%70 percent of Americans use at least one supplement per day. Are you? 

In a parallel universe where we get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, keep a balanced diet and remember to text back, we might still need dietary supplements. We are exposed to so many chemicals, we love junk food, and our body’s regenerative abilities decline with age. When you’re a day over 25, and your hangovers start feeling like a cheap horror movie, you start googling ‘vitamins.’

Now you cannot scroll through Instagram stories without seeing a bunch of beauty ads that promise anything and everything in a pill as if they’re selling a miracle. But why bother using supplements if we really do believe in miracles? 

The supplement market is a highly saturated one. In 2017, The FDA stated that there are over 29.000 dietary supplements in the market. Determining which supplements to take is overwhelming and tricky when you do need support to maintain glowing skin and an overall healthy state, inside and out. 

When you suffer from broken skin repeatedly, it’s seldom due to skincare products and usually a sign of an internal malfunction in your body. Some supplements help your organs function better, and your skin gets fixed as a result. This is why some dietary supplements suitable for skin remain unpopular since delicate skin is a bi-product. They’re not directly marketed for a beautiful façade, so you were not introduced to them until now.


It’s famous for making the skin glow, but there’s so much more to it. It helps combat free radicals caused by oxidative stress. It helps build collagen, and it’s prefered for its powerful antioxidant abilities.

Unfortunately, L-Glutathione pills mean a colossal waste of your money because the enzymes in the stomach break it down before it could blend into your system. What you want is the IV form. 


Exercise junkies must be familiar with this one. Methylsulfonylmethane decreases joint and muscle pain, increases glutathione production and is a sulfur donor to keratin, an essential protein that doesn’t solely exist in shampoo bottles. MSM could delay cell damage and the formation of wrinkles, which is enough to give it a shot.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that regenerates other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. It also helps prevent cell damage and break down carbohydrates. It’s good for the skin both topically and internally. Topical use shows its effects best when applied with retinol. Beware of oral use if you have an iron deficiency. Studies show that ALA decreases the capacity of iron absorption in the body. 

If you are exercising, eating nutritious meals and loving yourself, you are already there, in the parallel universe. You may not necessarily need to use any supplements. If you’re keen on it, you could seek the use of these supplements to boost your immunity, protect your body from damage and make sure you get enough nutrients every once in a while. After consulting your doctor, that is.

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