What Your Blush Placement Is Doing To Your Face

What Your Blush Placement Is Doing To Your Face
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By Ann Buenaobra

Blush is a makeup powerhouse—one fell sweep and it can lift your face and provide a flush of sweetness to your look. Where you place your blush, however, is of the utmost importance.Where you blend your blush can make or break your features! Keep reading to see what each blush placement does for your face and the best ones for your shape.

Across The Cheeks: Best for heart-shaped faces

When swept across the apple of your cheeks, blush will emphasize the fullness of them. This placement is great for heart-shaped faces because it will also give some definition to your cheekbones and sharpen your face.


Up The Temples: Best for oval faces

High on the temples may sound like an unusual place for blush (since it’s usually reserved for highlight) but trust me, you’ll like how it gives you a sweet, youthful look. Best for oval-shaped faces, blush swept high on the temples gives the illusion of a smaller face and puts an emphasis on the height of the cheekbones. 


In The Hallow: Best for round faces

Never contoured with blush? This is your sign to do it! Similar to bronzer, blush placed in the hollows of your cheeks helps define your facial features and gives you that snatched look. Unlike bronzer, blush in the hollows of your cheeks is a bit more subtle and looks good all day, everyday. 


Sunkissed (Across The Nose): Best for everyone!

This blush trend is loved by Gen-Z and for good reason! Sweep your blush across your cheeks and nose, right where the sun would kiss you. The result is a perfect flush of color that adds dimension to your face! I have yet to see a face this blush placement doesn’t look good on, so don’t be afraid to give this one a try.

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