Why “Skinimalism” is the Next Biggest Beauty Trend

Why “Skinimalism” is the Next Biggest Beauty Trend
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by Jenna Curcio

If there’s one trend that beauty enthusiasts seem to be hopping on this year, it’s the concept of “skinimalism.”  This essentially refers to using less skincare and makeup products within your beauty routine, and truly only doing what works best for you.  Consumers and beauty experts alike agree that finding out what ingredients work best to target issues specific to what one may be dealing with is more effective and frankly easier to incorporate on a daily basis rather than adopting an extensive, multi-product, 15-step routine.  The true individualization of skincare routines in particular is catching on among the masses, and people aren’t necessarily buying into the culture of over-consumption that the beauty industry has often perpetuated. In other words, the best beauty advice you’re likely to receive this year is this: simplify, simplify, simplify.

Even when it comes to makeup, the pandemic has brought about new habits and beauty practices into all of our lives.  People are less likely to spend a long amount of time in front of the mirror, and have gotten more comfortable with how their natural face looks.  That’s not to say people don’t enjoy putting on makeup anymore, it’s just done in a much more minimal and functional way.  Embracing the skin you’re in and highlighting your features is what “skinimalism” is essentially all about.

Here are some of my favorite “skinimalist” beauty products that I have been absolutely loving lately:

EspressOh Broh Gel – The latest EspressOh drop is the perfect example of this trend coming to life.  This lightweight formula is completely transparent, and holds your brows in place all day.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Corrector – This face cream not only directly neutralizes any redness in your face, but also acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen.  It’s perfect to wear by itself or layer under a bit of concealer to achieve that perfect skinimalist look.

EspressOh Glassy Blush – This is one of my go-to products to bring a bit of color to my face.  This transparent gel blush can be used on your cheeks, lips, and eyelids and adjusts to your skin’s pH level, bringing you a customized color perfect for your skin tone.

Saie Slip Cover Tinted Moisturizer – If you’re looking for a sheer coverage tinted moisturizer with SPF, this product is for you.  It’s light enough to layer, but also gives you a fresh, natural glow.


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